What Is Linux – Discover Essential Facts about Linux Operating System

Linux is an operating system that has a rich history. This platform was established through the inspiration of computer programming. The history of Linux began in 1991 when a computer programmer from Finland had worked to establish a new operating system. It was originally termed as Linus (pronounced as Lee-nus).

What is Linux ?

what-is-linux-osThis operating system has similar resemblance to UNIX (one of the earliest operating system). However, the difference between the two is the incorporation Linux to free open source software on the internet. This platform can be downloaded including its resource codes, which are used by the programmers for building the Linux system.

Moreover, these codes are modifiable. It means that anyone has the opportunity to customize their Linux operating systems according to their specific interests and preferences. These codes can be extended with accordance to the user’s needs.

Current Usages of Linux Operating System

Linux has been a competitive contender of other operating systems such as Windows. This platform has several platforms with distinctive features. Moreover, the Linux Company had set a fire up in the technological industries. These features have been expounded in terms of its usages. The Linux operating system works for personal and business purposes.

The Linux Mint 10 is one of the current platforms offered by the Linux operating system. It comes with several features that can accessorize your desktop. These features include:

1. Allows anyone to use patented technologies such as DVDs. Its welcome screen permits the user to have the chance for installing the missing codecs of multimedia. With this, you can upgrade the version of your DVD.

2. It has friendly-key interfaces that highlight the newly installed software and applications. This will make it easy for you to locate the software programs.

3. You can easily access the software by directing to its repositories without opening a software manager. Its accessibility to installed software makes your computer to perform faster and easier.

4. It is packed with highly optimized search engine platforms. Unlike with other operating system, the Linux Mint 10 is packed with easy navigation keys. With this, you can easily get the information you are searching on the internet. Additionally, it provides free tutorials regarding the hardware and software of your computer.
These are just a few of the improved performances of Linux operating system. Its upgraded version had been influential for the productivity profile of the computer.

Recommended Distributions of Linux System

There are several distributions listed for Linux system. These distributions were classified according to a specific category. It was based on the current demands of people for using this platform. Moreover, these categories have its distinctive profile, which Linux system can offer to the users.

1. The Fuduntu has marked an influential profile to the Linux operating system. This version was rooted from Fedora (later known as Forked). Its feature offers a classic GNOME II interfaces. This interface is designed for desktop use and not for mobile devices. It includes a repository packages such as Steam and Netflix.

2. Funduntuis considered as the best Linux System Distribution for laptop. Its feature is recommended for the Linux Distro. The Distrois designed for mobile computing, which are programmed for netbooks and laptops. This feature works to acquire the maximum potential of the battery life even if it is untethered. Users of this specific distribution can benefit an additional 30% of battery performance level.

3. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is the recommended enterprise desktop for Linux system distribution. This package is a combination of efficient productivity applications, enhanced security level, improves interoperability profile, and proficient management features.

4. The BackTrack Linux serves as the best security enhancer distribution for this operating system. Its testing framework is used for higher security level. It has several features that are feasible for safeguarding the online community across the globe.

5. The Arch Linux is the best multimedia distribution. It has efficient performance and sheer power for active communities. This distribution focuses on the CPU intensive tasks. It is pack with thousands of software programs that are accessible in the system’s repositories.

6. Ubuntu is tagged for the best gaming Linux system distribution. Several game developers have made an impression, which is geared towards the gaming experience for Ubuntu platform. Its Steam feature has been acknowledged by the Valve Game Developers. Other game developing companies have promoted Ubuntu, which is ideal for gaming.

These facts are taken from the statistics on the internet, which provides emphasis on the use of the Linux operating system. This platform started from a test mode. Now, it spikes up to a higher level, where it can compete with other operating platforms.